Tracey Moyer
Tourism Development Coordinator

Looking to work in the tourism sector? This is your boarding call! I am the head of our travel and tourism development at Carlton University where we discuss the latest issues and trends with internationally recognized tourism professionals on how you can enter the exciting world of travel and tourism. Learn how to plan, implement, and evaluate tourism experiences in environmentally and culturally sensitive ways. Learn all about hospitality and leisure management from the best of the best.

Make a Career Out of Travel and Tourism

Explore the World

Become a leisure expert and get paid to travel the world.

Meet People

From theme parks to international resorts, explore what the world has to offer.

Be a Part of the Community

See how our students go on to become key members of the community.

Environmentally Sustainable

Grow businesses while maintaining ethical and social responsibilities for our environment.

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Get introduced to myself and our staff, we're an adventurous and exciting group of young students that love to entertain. Our team: Taya Pollard, Belinda C, Ashlee, Dua Frey.